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Spring flowers

Where I live, it feels like winter's over, even though we had snow only once. It feels like spring's already comming. Yesterday was a bright sunny day so my sister and I used the nice weather (and the fact that most people were working) for a photoshooting. It's going to take a while until I sort and edit them, but I scheduled about 3 hours for that today.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward for spring and nature starting to bloom again, even though it's sad that we didn't have a proper winter for quite a few years already. I'm looking forward to be able to take lots of pictures of nature as well as do a few photoshoots with my sister and me, if she wants to. Nature comming back to life is one of the most beautiful things of earth's cycles!

Anyway, have a beautiful day and enjoy whatever season you might have right now!


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